Trying to keep the creative juices flowing during lockdown.

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Well it is April and spring has been  put on hold here in Michigan, while Florida is hotter than usual we are colder.  It snowed for a bit yesterday and the temps are much lower than normal.  We have had some warm spells to get outside and enjoy, but not as much as I would like.


As we observe the stay at home request from the Governor, it has been a challenge to try and stay creative while we wait for this terrible time to pass.  I have managed to get out a bit and take some pictures of some of the early flowers that have been brave enough to poke up only to be snowed on.

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My cat Kylo, flying solo for now, has been a bit lonely and mischievous.  I decided to put up a bird feeder off of our back deck so he could bird watch which he loves to do.  I have been amazed at the variety of birds that have shown up for the free meal.  I braved the cold last evening to attempt, and I stress attempt, at getting some good pictures of the birds visiting.  We of course have a squirrel who came and emptied the  bird feeder one night.  I now have to take it down at night because he is quite thorough in emptying the feeder in the dark.  It should be a fun challenge this summer to get some good pictures.  Here is a little one that visited last night.


Recently, a photographer out of England who I follow and puts out a lot of instructive content on YouTube for the Adorama channel issued a photo challenge.  His name is Gavin Hoey and he is very creative with his portrait and art shots.  He was demonstrating how to take pictures of water droplets using flash and macro photography and issued the challenge to try it.  It was a hard choice, more house work or play with the camera and lights.  What do you think happened?  Below are a few results from the shoot.  This turned out to be fun but also very challenging.  Timing is everything as they say and I had a lot of misfires. To early, too late, poor angle, bad focus.  I learned quite a bit.

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I am looking forward, as are most people, returning to a more stable life and get back to the business of building a business. One thing I need to do is begin to figure how best to use the internet and online activities to gain exposure so hopefully drum up some paying gigs once the crises passes.  I hope you are all well and are taking care of yourself and you loved ones.  If you have read the blog, please drop me a comment, I would like to hear from you, what you think and any suggestions you may have.


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